Meet the founder

Say hello to Nikki King, founder of Lax & Daisy. A lover of picnics, wine, and the ocean, she's on a mission to inspire people to catch more sunsets and laugh with their whole soul.

As a former Creative Director with over a decade of experience, Nikki brings a fresh perspective to her brand, ensuring that every product is not only practical but also stylish and high quality. She believes that everything should have a place, making it easy for people to pack up and head out for a day of adventure.

Fun Facts:

  • Says hello to the ocean once a day
  • Favorite flower: sunflower
  • Loves her dog, Coyote
  • Planting the Seeds for Lax & Daisy

    Nikki, a lover of picnics, wine, sunsets, and the ocean, embarked on a quest along with her pup, Coyote, to find the perfect picnic set. Disappointed with the options available, she took matters into her own hands, sketching her dream design on construction paper. Here, we have pictured Coyote at the very beginning of the business creation wearing the first ever Lax & Daisy bucket hat. In perfecting the Perfect Picnic Companion, Nikki worked with 4 factories to get the final product.

  • Crafting the Perfect Picnic Companion

    With her vision in hand, Nikki set out on a mission to bring her dream to life. Unlike other brands cutting corners with flimsy materials and lackluster designs, Nikki poured her heart and soul into every detail of her creation. From the choice of high-end insulation material to the addition of temperature-controlled locking lid tumblers, no stone was left unturned. Each compartment inside the backpack was custom-designed to perfection, and vibrant prints were carefully chosen to reflect Nikki's sunny disposition.

  • Spreading Sunshine, One Picnic at a time

    At Lax & Daisy, our mission extends beyond picnics and outdoor adventures. Recognizing the importance of work-life balance and the impact of environment on wellbeing, Nikki established Team Sunshine. This innovative corporate culture program aims to infuse workplaces with the same radiant energy and positivity that defines the Lax & Daisy brand. Join us in cultivating happier, healthier teams. Learn more about Team Sunshine or reach out to us at hello@laxanddaisy.com to bring the sunshine to your workplace.