Introducing Team Sunshine

Discover Team Sunshine, a dynamic corporate culture program designed to promote work-life balance, elevate employee wellbeing, and cultivate a thriving workplace atmosphere. Through the Team Sunshine Pledge, your company can adopt three core initiatives tailored to fit your unique culture. Our flexible approach enables companies to set the pace of these initiatives—whether they occur daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly—companies can integrate these initiatives seamlessly into their existing programs, bringing sunshine and positivity to employees in any workplace setting.

  • Golden Hour

    Embrace nature with an extra hour of sunshine during the workday dedicated to employee wellbeing, in addition to employee’s lunch break.

  • Sunset Send-Off

    End the workday in time to appreciate the sunset, symbolizing the conclusion of work-related tasks and allowing employees a mindful pause to reflect on accomplishments. Encourage employees to capture stunning sunset photos from their favorite sunset spot and share three daily highlights, fostering camaraderie on the #SunsetSendoff channel.

  • Picnic Party

    Gatherings for employees to enjoy outdoor picnics, promoting team bonding and fun in nature, with meal costs covered by the employer and served from stylish company-branded, reusable Lax & Daisy picnic sets.


Ready to infuse your workplace with sunshine and positivity?

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